Our purpose is to prepare and equip students for life by providing the highest quality Christ-centred education.


Our mission is to educate and nurture our students within a Christian worldview that embraces each person as valuable and unique.


Emmanuel Christian School is committed to teaching, modelling and encouraging the following values. As a Christian school, we understand that our values are derived from the character of God, as revealed in His Word, the Bible, and perfectly demonstrated in His son Jesus Christ.

  • Care and Compassion - Being thoughtful, other person centred, kind, advocating for the vulnerable, nurturing, empathic, merciful, supportive, encouraging, loving, patient, generous, gentle, and having a servant heart.

  • Doing your best - Using our God given gifts, exercising stewardship, being content, willing to try hard, persevering, appreciating and valuing excellence, celebrating quality outcomes, valuing one another as a unique creation, not being conceited.

  • Fair go - Being fair, just, merciful, loving, considerate, other person centred, acting with equity, giving opportunity and access.

  • Freedom - Not being dominated or oppressed, not fearful, enjoying rights and privileges, supporting the rights and privileges of others, exercising freedom responsibly, being free to serve God and one another.

  • Honesty and Trustworthiness - Being truthful, reliable, dependable, loyal, respectful of the property of others, not being deceitful.

  • Integrity - Acting morally and ethically, doing what we say, demonstrating fidelity and loyalty, acting righteously, having courage under pressure, practising forgiveness, maintaining a good conscience.

  • Respect - Showing honour and consideration, allowing for others’ points of view, treating others with genuine appreciation as fellow human beings, showing courteousness, protecting the reputation of others, valuing every person as God’s image bearer, making it easier for others to respect us (eg. 1 Tim 3:8, 11; Tit 2:2).

  • Responsibility - Being dependable, conscientious, reliable, trustworthy, self-controlled, accountable for one’s own actions, not dominating or contentious, making positive contributions in community, taking care of the environment, willingly upholding the value of law and order in community, obeying those in rightful authority over us.

  • Understanding, Tolerance, Inclusion - Being peaceful, self-controlled, walking in another’s shoes, understanding the basis of differences, being empathic, appreciating cultural differences, respectful, acknowledging differences in beliefs and values, showing courtesy towards people of different beliefs and cultures, acting fairly and hospitably towards people of different beliefs and cultures, fostering mutual trust and understanding, fostering community over individualism, encouraging those who are afraid, helping those who need help.

  • Wisdom and Discernment - Knowing and understanding God’s mind and his purposes, being faithful to God’s Word, weighing issues against God’s Word, being careful, thoughtful and reflective in the face of challenges and crises, being a careful listener, weighing one’s words carefully, speaking the truth in love, discerning good from evil, truth from error, right from wrong.

  • Faithfulness to God - Honouring God in the face of challenges and disappointments, being faithful to God under criticism, aggravation and harassment, resisting temptation, giving God first place in everything.

  • Family - Promoting marriage and family life, promoting fidelity and integrity in marriage, honouring the rights and responsibility of parents to train their children in godliness and wisdom, and to determine the character of the influences to which their children are exposed, encouraging children to love and honour their parents, giving effective voice to parents within the life of the school, assisting parents in the nurture and discipline of their children, supporting parents through the challenges of parenting.

  • Hope - Living in the sure and certain knowledge that this world is not all there is, enjoying the security that comes from knowing we are kept safe in God’s care from day to day, and looking forward to the day when Christ will return to establish truth and justice, and to bring total redemption for those whose trust is in Him.