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Welcome to our NEW LOOK School Newsletter! This is part of a wider series of changes aimed at communicating clearly and more frequently with our community of parents, carers and the broader community.

The new look Newsletter is designed to be short, sharp, and to the point. It’s aim is to give you bite sized pieces of information so you know what’s going on, and direct you where to go to find out more.

As with all changes we’d love hear what you think! You can contact us or fill out our feedback form on our website by clicking the button below.

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Wed, May 08


To the Big Picture!

The Big Picture is a monthly publication from the Principal and senior leadership of Emmanuel Christian School. The Big Picture aims to provide an overview of the school and the direction we see it going. It’s a place where you can also learn more about how the school runs…


From the Office

For absentees please fill-out our Absentee Form OR Contact Us before 9:30am.

  • An SMS will be sent to parents for unexplained absences

  • Please ensure late students are signed in at the office

  • If students are leaving early they are required to sign out at the office

  • A doctors certificate is required for more than two days absence

  • Please notify the office by 2:45pm for messages for your children

Your Calendar


  • 15th - Kinder Excursion

  • 16th - Bush Kinder

  • 17th - Subway

  • 17th - Uniform Shop Open

  • 20th - 31st Scholastic Book Fair

  • 23rd - Grandparents Day (Primary)

  • 30th - Whole School Cross Country

Studying Music & Growing Brains!

Recent studies have shown that the study of music and playing a musical instrument ‘lights up’ a myriad of different parts of the brain. When a student studies music as a subject both the mathematical and artistic sides of the brain are firing. For more facts on music and the brain visit the Music Australia website or download more information here.

In Grade 9/10 we have been focusing on performing as a solo artist. Students have been practising two pieces and two scales for a solo recording and performance. We have also been learning about common patterns in music and answering a focus question, 'What makes a good performer?'.

Grade 7/8 have taken up the challenge of learning how to play in an ensemble with most students learning a new instrument and reading musical notation in a class Concert Band setting.

Primary Music has been focusing on World Music, instruments and dances as well as musical notation and rhythms. In Grade 1-2 we have been working on what is the beat and what is rhythm (see pictures).

Our Itinerant Program is starting to take shape with Luke Sanderson joining us to teach drums (one on one) and also drum core (in groups). If you are interested in itinerant lessons for your child please contact us.

Marimba Mania has hit the school with the purchase of two new marimba’s (pictures coming soon!). We will be participating in a world record attempt – the most number of people playing Marimbas one time – there will be about 400 students! Details here.

Belinda McDermott - Music Teacher

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Book Fair has been rescheduled. It will now run from Monday May 20th until Friday May 31st. Our theme for this year is The Beach - a fun sun-drenched, sand-filled, shark-infested beach full of hot books, where students can catch the reading waves!

Books and stationery will be available for purchase from the School Library, with prices ranging from $1 to $30.

Drop into the Library during the available times and have a browse.

40th Anniversary Year Concert Band

We’re forming a Concert Band as part of our 40th year celebrations! Current Students, Alumni, Parents, Friends and Associates are invited to join us to rehearse and perform at the 40th Year Anniversary Celebration in our combined student-adult Concert Band.

If you play Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Euphonium, Trombone, Percussion, Drums (any Concert Band instrument) please let us know. Students will begin rehearsal in Term 2 however adults can come to one or two rehearsals closer to the date later in the year. So brush away the cobwebs, put on confidence, take a leap of faith and come and be a part of something special!

NAPLAN Testing

This week (Monday to Thursday) is NAPLAN testing for Grade 3, 5, 7 and 9.

We would encourage parents and students not to get anxious or worried about these tests. Individual student reports and parent-teacher interviews are due later this term. These are a far better gauge of how your children are progressing through the school.

Please remember you are always welcome to come and speak with your child’s teacher about any concerns or questions you may have or contact the office.

Little Learners - Mondays & Fridays

Little Learners is now Tuesdays and Fridays! You can find out more on our website or by contacting us. Little Learners is our FREE play-based early learning program that you and your children will love!

Kinder Enrolments 2020 Open!

Subway Orders

This Friday 17th May

Envelopes are sent home Wednesday and need to be returned to the school office on Thursday morning before 10.00 am. Note: The office is unable to give change.

Woolworths Earn & Learn

This year we are participating in Woolworths Earn & Learn. Please bring your stickers into our front office.